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What is Trans-Manager?

Trans-Manager is a powerful fleet offering that gives you complete control over your vehicles or fleets anywhere in the country. Using Trans-Manager, you can set rules for the operation of your fleet including how, when and where they can buy fuel from Reliance retail outlets. Your business operations can then run automatically and easily supervised by you.

Trans-Manager allows for effective management of your operational expenses by setting fuel purchase controls, eliminates unauthorized transactions and captures useful vehicle usage information for business planning.

Why Trans-Manager?

  • It allows real-time access to your transaction data.
  • It gives you added account control by allowing you to take purchase decisions for your vehicles, as if you are travelling in all the vehicles at the same time.
  • It allows you to change the vehicle's route sitting in the comfort of your office on a real-time basis by re-assigning the fueling locations.
  • It helps in collecting important data en-route that will provide meaningful vehicle information in your Fleet Reports (Trans-Info).


  • Set Limits on purchase of product as required.
  • Select location of Reliance outlets offering price advantage.
  • Get information on vehicle usage like kmpl and distance travelled.
  • In- built security features for safe transactions.
  • Mange fleet and trip vehicles in one Carrier ID.

Trans-Manager is a very user friendly and also has in-built security features which makes it 100% secure. Thus, Trans-Manager gives you the luxury to exercise complete control over your vehicles across the country from any location.