Relstar is an advanced formulation, premium quality
and next-generation lubricants from Reliance

Relstar offers the following distinct benefits:

  • Advanced formulations
    Formulated using premium quality base oils and additives.
  • Manufactured under stringent quality standards and checks
    Manufactured at ISO certified plants using world-class standards and quality control.
  • Wide product portfolio
    Portfolio comprises of engine oil, gear oil and grease for all fleet applications.
  • Uniform pricing and exciting promotional schemes
    Uniform product pricing pan India and an exciting loyalty program to reward mechanics.
  • Unique packaging
    User friendly and easy to handle containers.
  • Strong retail network
    Products available pan India at dealer outlets, Reliance pumps and Trans-Connect centers.

The Relstar product portfolio for fleet application comprises: (Click on Hyperlinks for details)

Engine Oils

  1. Relstar Nova Ultra - 15W40 CI4 Plus [Premium quality diesel engine oil]
  2. Relstar Nova Turbo - 15W40 CH4 [Superior quality diesel engine oil]
  3. Relstar CV Special - 15W40 CF4 [All fleet diesel engine oil]
  4. Relstar Nova Super - 20W40 CF4 [Quality diesel engine oil]

Gear Oils & Greases

  1. Relstar Crown Excel - 85W140 GL5[Superior quality EP axle oil]
  2. Relstar Synchro Ultra - 80W90 GL4 [Premium quality EP gear oil]
  3. Relstar Synchro Super - EP 90 GL4[Quality EP gear oil]
  4. Relstar Hub Guard Ultra - NLGI3[Premium quality wheel bearing grease]

For all lubes related enquiries and information contact:

Customer Care - 1800 22-3023 (toll free)