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Trans-Connect offers its customers a bouquet of technology based services through Trans-Connect centers. This network of customised retail space is located in prominent transport areas/hubs of all major cities in India. These centers are platforms, which facilitate convenient access to the fleet owners in meeting all their business needs.

Services offered at Trans-Connect centers include:


  • Select the Reliance pump where you want your vehicle to fuel or make purchases anywhere in the country.
  • Control the quantity of fuel (liters) that your vehicle can fill or limit the value of any your driver can purchase at Reliance Pump on any route.
  • You can set security prompts such as PIN number, vehicle number and driver ID; the correct answer of which alone will 'unlock' a transaction.
  • Block / Unblock your card from being misused when lost or misplaced.


  • Credit loading in your account
  • Status/ Balance of your account available online
  • Obtain immediate credit on your account after loading


Provides MIS reports for your account such as:

  • Fuel purchase details with date and time
  • Vehicle-wise/Card-wise purchase
  • Cash/Cheque/DD remittance
  • Credit limit and available balance
  • Summary of loyalty points
  • Fleet performance analysis