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What is Trans-Mobile?

Trans-Mobile is a cardless solution that is fast, secure and convenient for doing transaction in Trans-Connect Fleet Management program. With Trans-Mobile, you can fuel your vehicle from your registered mobile number without requiring Fleet Card.

Enrolment in Trans-Mobile is very quick and simple. You can enroll and start your first transaction within 21 minutes ** T&C Apply. Transaction are safe and secure as it is validated through OTP and PIN. Vehicles / Mobile number can be instantly added / edited / deleted conveniently anytime through Net Manager web application / Trans-Manager mobile app.


  • Time Saving: Enroll quickly and start fueling immediately.
  • Immediate Loading: Load account through cash, ERTGS and payment gateway.
  • Added Convenience: Transact through a registered mobile number. No physical card needed.
  • Quick Addition of Vehicles: Add new vehicles through Net-Manager or Trans-Manager mobile App.
  • Better Security: Do transactions with an OTP, and a PIN that is set for each vehicle.
  • Better Control: Your statement includes driver names and mobile numbers.

How to fuel with Trans-Mobile?

  • Give a missed call on 1800 315 7844 from the linked mobile number.
  • Share OTP with DSM and enter PIN for fueling.
  • For more details click on Trans-Mobile video

Migration into Trans-Mobile:

  • Existing Trans-Connect card customers can self-migrate into Trans-Mobile from Net Manager web application.
  1. From 'Customer Login' option in the home page select NET MANAGER.
  2. Click on 'Migrate to Trans-Mobile?'.
  3. Validate your Carrier ID and Carrier password to receive new login credentials on your registered mobile number.
  4. Login with the new login credentials and select option 'Migrate to Trans-Mobile' from Card Management option.
  5. Enter 10 digit valid mobile number against the displayed cards/ vehicle number and select button to migrate the card to Trans-Mobile i.e. cardless.
  6. On migration you can view the migrated vehicle with linked mobile number under option 'vehicle management'.
  7. You can Edit limits, change status, change pin, update vehicle number and mobile number to new.

Benefits of migrating to Trans-Mobile:

  • Flexibility of registering Card & Trans-Mobile both in existing carrier ID.
  • Customer can migrate all his cards into Trans-Mobile program.
  • Instant addition & activation of Vehicle number / Mobile number.
  • Driver may be in any part of country will be able to use mobile number immediately on creation.
  • On driver change, Vehicle number / Mobile numbers can be instantly changed with another driver Mobile number.