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Trans-Connect card can be used for purchase of fuel and non-fuel products (like lubricants) at all Reliance Retail outlets across the country.

On enrolment into the Trans-Connect fleet management program, fleet Owner would be provided with a unique 6-digit customer identity number called as "Carrier Identification (CID)". All vehicles enrolled under CID would be provided with a personalized Trans-Connect card with the following details printed on the card - Card number, card member's name, customer ID, and vehicle Number. Each vehicle thus will possess a unique Trans-Connect Card.

Web login user ID and password would also be assigned to enable you to log on to our dedicated website www.transconnect.co.in


Trans-Connect Center:

Trans-Connect Centers are customized dedicated offices located at your nearest transport nagar. It offers assisted services of Trans-connect along with non-fuel products such as lubricants.

Convenience - The Trans-Connect Fleet card is available as a Pre-paid and Post-paid card

Prepaid Card: Money is loaded in your prepaid account based on your requirement of fleet operating expenses and assign value/limits to any linked vehicle for usage.

Postpaid Card: Cards are set with credit limit as approved by credit partners such as banks/NBFCs (to be available shortly)

Hence allows your driver for a cashless & safe travel.

Control & Flexibility

Trans-Connect provides complete control of your fleets.

  • You can get card-based tracking for your fleet. Tracking report of your vehicles can be viewed online.
  • You can make all purchase decisions for your Trucks on road sitting in your office.
  • You can set limits on purchase of fuel and other products. Select location of Reliance outlets that offers you price advantage.
  • Get information on vehicle usage like KMPL and distance travelled.
  • These advantages come with strong security features for safer Transactions.

Loyalty Points - Trans-Points

Earn Trans-Points every time you use your Trans-Connect fleet card(s) for making purchases of fuels. The Trans-Points on accumulation can be auto redeemed for fuel thus making for powerful savings on fuel costs.

Driver Accident Insurance

Get free Personal Accident insurance for your Drivers. Terms and Conditions apply.


You enjoy a nationwide network of fully automated 1100+ retail outlets supported by exclusive network of 69 Trans-Connect centres (TCC) located at major transport nagars in the country.

Comprehensive Fleet information services/MIS Reports

Get a clear picture of fuel and non-fuel purchases, fuel consumption report. This provides business information tools to help you analyse and improve your fleet operations and profits.

24X7 Customer helpline :

Dial our multi-lingual customer service helpline at 1800 22 3023 & our customer service representative will be happy to help you answer your queries.